Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sick day

No story about culinary school tonight.
I left work early today, after lunch, due to the fact that I still couldn't swallow. I stood in my apartment at 6:50 in the morning wondering if it was too late to call in. But I needed to attend an IEP meeting and then work on a BIP. So I figured I'd go half a day.
Went home. Slept for 2 hours and wanted to keep sleeping. Still couldn't swallow, so I called my doctor. Not working this week! Luckily, he had a sub in the same building set up who could see me at 6:30 (school starts at 7:15). She was really great. She wasn't even actually seeing patients that late, but the nurse had told her it was urgent. Turns out it was. She described my throat as "white dots with also a look of someone spreading mayo over it." Gross. And fitting given what we made Monday night... Ha!
Since I'm not running a fever and the quick strep test came back negative, she sent out for a culture because she says it looks like I'm somewhere between strep and a virus. And now I'm on antibiotics. And had her write me a note for class - Ha! Who knew it'd be like I'm back in elementary school and need a note for it to be an excused absence. And I'm taking the day off tomorrow. Well, I still have to drive out for a meeting at 8 with my boss, but I'm going home after that. And I will sleep. And sleep. And sleep.
If I have time, I'll also try to make these this weekend. Missing class makes my grocery bills expensive! Hopefully this chef is more flexible - if you miss too many days, you can automatically fail classes. But I have a note!
I'm off to bed. Being actually sick makes me really tired!

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