Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Protein and Grain Salads

I don't have much to say for Tuesday because...sadly, I had to go home sick after the lecture and demo. Chef discussed the nutritional background behind using grains and how to plate a salad.
Ta da!

Ha. This is definitely Chef's Tuna Nicoise. Look how good it looks. He likes to use a Nike swish formation to plating - follow from the tuna to the beans to the potatoes to the tomatoes. Yum. Would have liked to have tasted this since I didn't get to make my own...

I had to go home after this. I just did not feel I should be touching food other people might eat. I went to Trader Joe's (which, by the way, I am totally obsessed with this store. By far the cheapest grocer in the city - except for the produce up on Devon. But those are really far away now that I have so little time). I bought all the ingredients for the recipes and will make them this weekend.

Lessons Learned:
Um. I guess, lesson learned is when you can't swallow, you probably shouldn't be going to culinary school that evening.

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