Sunday, September 7, 2008

Assembly of Tarts

Thursday we put together our tarts, and prepped for the final exam and final practical. It was a really short day. He had to stretch it out to make it to 10:30. He went over the entire exam, which was a good thing, because I have been so busy with new duties at work that I do not have the time I thought I would to study during the day. Otherwise, I probably would have done really bad on it.
Anyway. Assembly just involves placing the filling in the tarts and topping them off. I sadly forgot my camera, but T let me use his. I'm just waiting for him to e-mail me the photos. We put whipped topping on the tart with the pastry cream. Whipped cream is really easy to make on your own - it's just heavy cream and powdered sugar with vanilla extract to taste. Then whip until it has stiff peaks. Use a pastry bag to pipe the cream. I didn't like the shape I did, but Tennessee took her's off because she felt like she was having an off night. Chef said it's most important to be consistent rather than the design itself.
The pear halves were sliced (not all the way through) and spread out over the Frangipane filling, and then baked until golden brown. I was watching our's, and I pulled it out at the exact right time.

Lessons Learned:
I am worn out by Thursdays. I enjoy this much more than my job these days, so I'm going to try to keep up the program, but but I'll just have to take it a week at a time.

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