Thursday, July 31, 2008

Other Poultry

Last night was duck and turkey. Basically the same procedure of removing the meat from the bone, but this time we also had to leave the drumette attached to the carcass. Duck is really slippery because it is so high in fat. There seemed to be a lot of people leaving their tables to clean their hands and get stuff out of the first aid kit.
We didn't cook again today - Chef B is still blaming us, but honestly, if he had skipped over that 15 minute part of his lecture when he went on and on about how in order to make foie gras one is force feeding the duck and ground chicken like chicken mcnuggets include everything but the beak and feet and oh hey class why don't you go ahead and look up on youtube the kfc video with sir roger moore... I don't have an issue with him being a vegetarian - hey, I used to be a vegan - but can you get on your soapbox either before or after class, Chef B, because I'd much rather learn how to debone a bird and get out 15 minutes early than watch you enjoy listening to yourself talk...
We also trussed a turkey breast today. It's similar to trussing a roast, meaning you loop around the meat until there's nothing left to loop around, and then you go underneath to line through the loops. A picture would probably be helpful, but such gross hands and time pressure. Plus I go home smelling of meat, no matter how much I wash with soap, so I don't really feel like making my camera smell...
We did get out 10 minutes early today, but the other class was long gone... although I am starting to wonder just how much they are actually learning in there, because we are getting a lot of practice.

Lessons learned:
Duck is really red/dark inside - the carcass starts to look like a rabbit after awhile. Pull tight on the trussing, because it shouldn't be loose.

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Steph said...

I find it really ironic that your meats class is taught by a vegetarian...BTW, I looked up some YouTube videos to figure out how to truss a chicken. Here's a nice clear demo: