Sunday, July 20, 2008

Knife Cuts Practical

Let's see if I remember all the cuts we did:

I'm describing them the order they are on the baking sheet.

Onion: Medium dice Large dice Small dice Emincer (fine slice)
Tomato: Concasse (rough chop)
Muschroom: Fine chop Julienne
Lettuce: Chiffonade (this is one of my favorite cuts)
Celery: honestly cannot remember what this is called
Potato: Large dice Julienne Small dice Bruinoisse (tiny dice) Batonnet
Carrot: Bruinoisse Rondelles Small dice Medium dice Large dice Julienne Batonnet
Orange: Supreme

I think Chef might have either been tired or playing favorites, because my cuts were definitely not as even as he gave me points for - I wasn't in the mood for details tonight, which obviously made the practical a little irritating to me. My juliennes and batonnets were definitely not even on all sides - they kind of splayed out at the bottom. Oh well. I'll take the points!
But the Supreme...that I love. I am glad I learned this, not just because it allowed me to eat really tasty oranges every night we worked on it. Basically, you cut off all the rind and pith, so you end up with a clean round orange. Then you gently cut out individual segments, which are presented to the customers. I should have taken a picture of how the remaining orange stands up on it's own, but I definitely stuffed it in my mouth as soon as Chef graded me. Apparently people pay a lot of money just for those little segments.

Lessons learned:
All that money we pay as customers for those tiny cuts - they're really not that hard to learn. But, hey, if you want to pay me to cut your oranges, I'll happily do it for you! The potato and carrots? No thanks, they're too irritating.

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