Thursday, July 24, 2008

Forgot to Mention!

So I forgot to say last week - because I caught up all in one night - but this is how loved Chef K is: after only knowing him one and a half weeks, the class threw him a surprise party for his birthday within 24 hours notice. He had told us the day before that it was his birthday the next day (30), and within 30 minutes, Irish had quietly organized that she was going to make meringue pie and other people were going to bring in cupcakes and cake. Tennessee (just graduated UofI, will work for General Mills in their bakery sales department), was going to buy balloons.
He was so surprised and touched the next day! I'm pretty sure he blushed, but it's hard to tell since we're all red all the time from the stoves... He had brought in some cakes from the baking classes to share with us, but he also sampled the ones our class had brought.
He told us one day that he has won an award for being best teacher, but he wasn't there to receive the award because no one told him he was going to get it. I'm not surprised he won - I'm pretty sure my cohort will nominate him as well. People have already stated that they want to lobby to get him again for Culinary Skills II, but he doesn't think it will happen since he's already taught us - he'll probably get the other cohort that runs alongside us. We are totally the more fun class - there's only maybe 3 girls in that one, and they don't seem like they're as much fun... Ha! I may be a bit biased.
I'd post a photo of his awesomeness, but, again, no permission to blog and also, he specifically requests that we don't take photos of him. Part of the contract.

I may do a post on who all these people are, using only nicknames of course. That way you'll actually follow along. Anybody want me to do that?


Steph said...

yes! you should profile the characters in this little journey :)

T said...

Okay, will do soon!