Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because travel is always worth a half-day's docked pay

Took my second annual trip to San Francisco this year to visit my sister Suzan. Beautiful weather, fun times!
This is what happens her friend Karo is a fabulous pastry chef:
So sad I could not take the rest home with me on the plane!

And her lifelong best friend, Pegs, bought me these:
Also wished I could take these home - so beautiful and smelled amazing!

Taking advantage of warm November weather, we took in the view from a big bridge: We walked among trees.

And found an elf who just did not want to leave.

Then we took a sunset cruise to Sausalito.

A bookstore sucked us in and I bought the fattest copy of War and Peace I could find (and finally finished it in the beginning of January).

And Sunday morning we visited Pegs and watched the Bears game (near) the Marina.
Next year: we hit the vineyards.

Gosh I miss the sun given this is what we are currently living in:
(credit: Chicago Tribune)

(credit: NASA)

P.S. Did you know thunder can come with a snowstorm? I didn't but it's happening right now!

Until next year, SF.

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