Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Thoughts

So, in theory, I love the idea of a blog. I love to write and think, think and write. And I love opportunities to be creative.

At the same time, I'm a pretty private person. Not if you're my close friend or family, but to everyone else. co-workers know pretty little about my life. I don't want 15 minutes of fame or everyone in the world to have a chance to learn details about my life.

But, that's kind of what a blog is - it's on the internet and open to the world.

Good thing nobody really reads this and I have a day job that I live far away from so I'm gone 14-16 hours a day and don't have time to blog on a regular basis

I have been cooking and love to share. But Blogger is kind of stupidly set up and makes it difficult to upload and move photos within the text. Okay, now I saw they updated editing materials. But, Google, get your act together because there are essential things one should be able to do that I can't (see below).

So, I'm going to try something. First, I'm going to begin posting again. Which means I should probably take more photos of things I cook. And then, I'll share that I do this with people.

I might even share my name.


That would mean people could find me. If anyone were interested.

So, to start, this has been my cooking list for the past few months. I am not allowed to buy a new cookbook unless I keep doing actually cooking from them. I'm finding I'm not interested in some recipes I've collected over the years, but I'm also discovering some gems, and that's great!

Okay. See, blogger, what the hell? I should be able to copy and paste, especially from a google doc, which you. also. own. I figured out how to copy and paste, but seriously, blogger, a little annoying of a process. And, since you have to copy and paste into Edit HTML, all my links for the paste disappeared. Booooo Blogger.

List will come. Once I get over being annoyed at Blogger find the time to do all the links over in my list. And, no, I will  not be using the snow day for that - that is going towards cooking and baking for a team that did their job on time and music and movies.

oh, yeah, and going down to the lake to see the waves and what the snowstorm did. Fun!

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