Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Rest of February

Since I last posted, I have:
Walked through an empty city after the blizzard
My landlord cleaned this - thank you!

Can you spot the street?

Path along Diversey Harbor

Diversey Harbor. You can see the tow trucks on LSD way back there.

Dug my car out:

Entrance to parking underneath my building.

Good thing I put the wipers up

My back wheels and trunk were hiding...

Took me an hour to dig out - at least it was sunny!

That white car has 3 inches of dust underneath the snow. I have never seen it not there - I wonder if it even works anymore. And who owns it.
 Thanked the second grade team for doing their job:
Made my own frozen berries

Didn't have room in my freezer for a bigger tray. 

Screw IQF - they came apart just fine!

Cooked and cooked:

Beginnings of Filipino Adobo Chicken

German pancake


Tofu. And yogurt. because I didn't measure the garlic chili sauce. Whoops!
Stopped by HomeGoods and TJMaxx on my way home from the gym:
2 9-in cake pans, mise en place bowls, orange teapot, turquoise bowl (tag: "not for food"), marble, 8x8 pan, Le Creuset: 10 1/4 rectangle & 9 1/4 square, 2 Bormioli Rocco glass storage jars: just over $100. Awesome.
Participated in Restaurant Week. Twice!
Cute bartender: awesome cocktails, before visiting French Vietnam: grilled beef tenderloin strips, Chilean sea bass, mango sundae.
Laughing while drinking half a bottle of wine: baked oysters, chicken breast with mole, vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate-espresso cake
Will definitely go back here again, for a special occasion.

What I've learned:
Friends make good food even better.
Three thunderstorms in Februrary is a beautiful sound of an incoming spring.

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