Saturday, October 16, 2010

Roll with the Punches

This is what happens when you get on the phone with your office roomie, a social worker (whom you never see anymore because faculty requested mental health services across the week, both of you only being part-time in that building) while your spiced cumin potatoes are baking in the oven:

Hint: they're not supposed to be all shriveled like that. Which you might be able to tell better if I had a better camera, or even if they would just actually fix my kitchen light so that it, you know, turns on.

So this is how you solve the dinner question, since you live in the city and treats are just a block away:

Because everyone needs a little nilla wafer now and then...

Other things to know about me:

I need lo-jack for my glasses. I constantly misplace them in a one-bedroom apartment. My office roommate suggested a chain to wear around my neck after I walked around at work today with a fuzzy view because I took my contacts out...

I think facebook might actually be evil incarnate. But I don't quit it, even though I've had that view for ages.

I don't have a coffeetable, so in order to use my brand-new adult-sized couch and work on my laptop, I have stacked three paper ream boxes up next to the couch and place the laptop on top. It's the perfect height for me. What was I supposed to do? I have nowhere to put the boxes, and I don't like the look or prices of coffeetables I've seen out there.
Also, I bought a gorgeous new tv, adult-sized, a month ago and it's still sitting in its box. Because not only do I not have a coffee table, I don't have a stand to put the tv on. I want one long, low shelving unit, like they sell at CB2, but not modern like that. Guess I should actually make an attempt to look somewhere besides Target.

I love tv, but I refuse to pay for cable. If a show isn't available online, I just never become a fan...

I get kind of punchy when I don't sleep enough the night before work, and then don't come home for 14 hours because of my Spanish for (Educators) class.

Buenas noches.

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