Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chicken, day 2

This day we made Soupe de Legumes (vegetable soup), Poulet Roti au Jus (chicken roasted in its own juice), and plated Magret de Canard, Sauce Bigarade, and Puree de Pommes de Terre.

This is a simple but tasty vegetable soup. I took the rest home to eat for lunch. Mine was a tiny bit oily because I used to much butter to soften the vegetables, but if I corrected that mistake, I would make this again.

To keep the roasted chicken moist, we made a compound butter that we spread under the skin and then roasted it with white wine and water.

The plated dish was sauteed duck breast with sauce and mashed potatoes. The sauce is a caramel-base degalzed with wine, vinegar, juice and zest, cooked until nappe and monter au beurre.

The errors I made on the plated dish were that it was messy (that should be obvious to you) and that I forgot to season the meat. Whoops. Always season your meat! But the mashed potatoes were amazing. Seriously. I wish I had made at least double. I love mashed potatoes. And I make good ones. Mmmm now I want them again.

Lessons Learned:
Have you ever had duck? It's really good. It's super-fatty, which is why it's so good. He said the dish normally is served with two breasts, but I just think that is way too much meat. One duck breast is plenty of protein in my opinion.
There are two main categories for soup: clear (broth/bouillion, vegetable, and consumme) and thick (veloute, cream, pureed, bisque, and chowder). When a restaurant is making soup for service, they prep in small batches and then reheat in small batches.

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