Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Recommend You Visit...

This summer my family and I took our vacation in Turkey. We were fortunate to visit some familiar sights from our childhood, including Sariyer, where our aunt lived.

This is my memory of a market, still similar 15 years later:
Can we please import that from Turkey to here? Farmers Markets don't even come close to the beauty and plenty available here.

A bakery:

Bread at the hotel continental breakfast:

Now I want it again. How do they make this??

And this is why I'm tempted not to try new food:

Turns out fries with mayo is better than fries with ketchup. Now I want to buy mayo and keep it in my fridge. Even better? Mayo and ketchup mixed together.

One meal - a sampler plate:

Simit, the best bread/breakfast/snack food ever, and possibly my most desired food memory:

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