Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back Home, In a New Home

I've been busy since I last posted.
Work started up again, busy in a different way from last year. Have been dealing with the double whammy of horrible allergies and a cold that won't leave for two months now.
But I moved - back to the city! Ignoring the commute, which, truthfully, could be so much worse - at least I'm done by 4, and can miss most of the congestion. I'm so happy to be back.

This time, I'm in a one-bedroom. The living room is huge, and so is the bedroom. It's a really good size for a decent price in a wonderful location. But of course the most important piece is...

I have a kitchen - with enough room to use both walls - and have a full-sized stove! How exciting is that?

Ugh. Ignore the mess on top of the fridge. Looks better now, but I'm trying to figure out where to find a shelving/stacking unit for all my baking items.
Next week, they're spraying the cabinets and closets. Which, awesome that they're proactive about pests, but ohmygoodness, where am I going to put all my kitchen stuff? Uh, and my clothes?Major summer goal was to improve my organization, and I have - but that sure means I have move a lot of stuff back out into the open.
I'd show you photos of the rest, but the living room and dining area are wide open - see, I have a small table, but no chairs, and I've been sitting on the floor of the living room for over a month now. Couch should be delivered soon, but then I have to slow down on the bulk items - it'd be good if I saved at least a little of my salary each month...
But I'm cooking all the time - more lessons and practice posts soon! My food runs the gamut across the world during the week.

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