Saturday, December 20, 2008


Sadly, I was not present on Mexico night, much to my dismay. I had to attend conferences for work. You know, where I sit at a table playing on my laptop or walking around catching up with people - in my role, I don't have any parents that want to speak to me. How many parents want to be caught sitting at the table clearly labeled "psychologist." Not too many.
But then you know, luckily, Chef K made two of the midterm practicals recipes from this night... awesome Chef. Love you. I burned all the stuff. Oh, and the chicken wasn't cooked. ha. Whoops.
But I really was disappointed because I love Mexican food and I didn't get to learn how to make it. But then I was told if I had seen how much lard they put in the tamales, I would never want to eat Mexican food again... so maybe it worked out in my favor!
But I would have really liked to have learned how to make a good mole... guess I'll have to teach myself when I have time to myself again...

Lessons Learned:
Getting angry at the chef doesn't help one cook better... in fact, it may make you burn things.

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